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We sell soft interactive fabric books and toys and other unique baby gifts for newborns to six years old. Two generations of seamstresses contributed to the designing and making of our product that started out with making home decorations from table cloths to holiday decors made of fabric. The idea of creating unique soft, educational books and toys came about in 1998 with the help of our mother who taught early childhood education for over thirty years.

Providing quality products designed to promote early learning is our priority.


Our fabric books and toys are uniquely designed using patterns made from our own graphic work.  Machine embroidered so graphics don’t easily fade when gently washed. Using pre washed fabrics that can prevent vibrant dyes and shrinkage.  We also use batting and interfacing materials in between our fabrics to provide cushioning, support, and stability. Other materials used are zipper on some designs for an easy travel toy, soft strings and velcro to fasten ornaments in our books.  Majority of our soft book designs do not have any loose pieces.  However, we still recommend supervision for kids under 3 years old while playing with our toys.  Our fun play bags and kits, and growth charts are just as fun and colorful.

Some printed fabrics shown online may occasionally be unavailable but we substitute them with other bright prints or plain fabrics.

Our products are designed with contrasting color combinations that make them look stimulating and interesting.  They promote early learning, stimulate sensory abilities in kids, and help in the proper cognitive development.  The three dimensional elements in our designs allow kids to touch and move parts around.  This advances their hand-to-eye coordination and fine motor skills.  Our books and toys have no sounds and they can promote positive learning environment and may boost concentration overtime.

See how fun and colorful are our heirloom quality ,educational books and toys for that special child. Great for baby shower gifts and toddlers.


Returns and exchanges are accepted within 30 days from the shipping date, the customer pays for all shipping costs. For missing or damaged items please contact us.

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